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Contact person: Augustin Sabatie-Garat
Richmond, United Kingdom

3 upcoming auctions

Le Mans, 09 June
Cernobbio, 20 May
Fernandina Beach, 03 March
RM Sotheby's - Le Mans 2023FR
RM Sotheby's - Villa Erba 2023IT
RM Sotheby's - Amelia Island 2023US

47 past auctions

17 February
Paris, 01 February
Phoenix, 26 January
Miami Beach, 10 December
Richmond, 07 October
Hershey, 06 October
St Moritz, 09 September
London, 05 November
Munich, 26 November
Monterey, 20 August
Amelia Island, 05 March
Monaco, 14 May
Paris, 02 February
Auburn, 08 December
Phoenix, 27 January
Hershey, 08 October
Le Castellet, 19 November
London, 05 November
St Moritz, 17 September
Monterey, 14 August
Milan, 15 June
Eschen, 19 June
Scottsdale, 22 January
Amelia Island, 22 May
13 February
New York, 28 October
Auburn, 19 November
London, 31 October
Auburn, 25 September
Auburn, 15 August
Auburn, 30 July
London, 21 July
London, 11 June
Auburn, 29 May
Jupiter, 28 March
Elkhart, 23 October
Amelia Island, 06 March
Paris, 05 February
Abu Dhabi, 30 November
London, 24 October
Dayton, 28 September
Alcacer del Sal, 21 September
Monterey, 15 August
Cernobbio (Como), 25 May
Amelia Island, 08 March
Paris, 06 February
Essen, 11 April
Sotheby's Sealed - The Last Ferrari Dino 206 SUS
RM Sotheby's - Paris 2023FR
RM Sotheby's - Arizona 2023US
RM Sotheby's - Miami 2022US
RM Sotheby's - The Cushway 300SLGB
RM Sotheby's - Hershey 2022US
RM Sotheby's - St. Moritz 2022CH
RM Sotheby's - London 2022GB
RM Sotheby's - Munich 2022DE
RM Sotheby's - Monterey 2022US
RM Sotheby's - Amelia Island 2022US
RM Sotheby's - Monaco 2022MC
RM Sotheby's - Paris 2022FR
RM Sotheby's - Online Only : Open Roads, December 2021US
RM Sotheby's - Arizona 2022US
RM Sotheby's - Hershey 2021US
RM Sotheby's - The Guikas CollectionFR
RM Sotheby's - London 2021GB
RM Sotheby's - St Moritz 2021CH
RM Sotheby's - Monterey 2021US
RM Sotheby's - Milan 2021IT
RM Sotheby's - A Passion for Elegance 2021LI
RM Sotheby's - Arizona 2021US
RM Sotheby's - Amelia Island 2021US
RM Sotheby's - Paris 2021FR
RM Sotheby's - Contemporary Art Evening AuctionUS
RM Sotheby's - Online Only : Open Roads, Fall 2020US
RM Sotheby's - London 2020GB
RM Sotheby's - The Mitosinka CollectionUS
RM Sotheby's - SHIFT/MontereyUS
RM Sotheby's - Open Roads, North AmericaUS
RM Sotheby's - Online Only : Open Roads, The European Summer AuctionGB
RM Sotheby's - The European Sale featuring the Petitjean CollectionGB
RM Sotheby's - Online Only: Driving into SummerUS
RM Sotheby's - Online Only: Palm Beach 2020US
RM Sotheby's - The Elkhart Collection 2020US
RM Sotheby's - Amelia Island 2020US
RM Sotheby's – Paris 2020FR
RM Sotheby's - Abu Dhabi 2019AE
RM Sotheby's - London 2019GB
RM Sotheby's - The Taj Ma Garaj Collection 2019US
RM Sotheby's – The Sáragga Collection 2019PT
RM Sotheby's – Monterey 2019US
RM Sotheby's – Villa Erba 2019IT
RM Sotheby's – Amelia Island 2019US
RM Sotheby's – Paris 2019FR
RM Sotheby's – Essen 2019DE

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