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Is this Subaru-powered Porsche 914 the best outlaw build of the year?

While the Porsche 911 usually gets the most attention from the outlaw community, this all-black, Subaru-powered 914 for sale with Archive makes a strong case for the underloved mid-engined classic.

Long overlooked and underloved, the 914 is finally gaining some traction with collectors the world over, and perhaps unsurprisingly, its newfound relevance has earned it the attention of the Porsche outlaw community. While some Porsche purists would be up in arms over period-incorrect wheels, nothing is sacred when it comes to an outlaw build, and that’s exactly how something like this sinister, Subaru EJ20-powered Porsche 914 came into existence. 

Currently for sale with Archive, this 914’s new engine would normally be found in something like a Subaru Impreza, but the horizontally-opposed turbocharged four-cylinder isn’t that far off the flat four Porsche fitted the 914 with from factory. However, the performance is where the similarities end, with the Subaru unit producing over twice as much power than the 914’s original 85 horsepower heart, while being more efficient and offering smoother power delivery. 

However, installing the EJ20 into a Porsche 914 was no easy feat and required extensive modifications, including custom fabrication to accommodate the mid-engine layout, along with adjustments to the drivetrain, cooling system, and exhaust. We think you’ll agree, the end result is pretty spectacular, especially with the 914-6-style fender flares and those lovely 17 inch Fuchs wheels. We’re sure the quality of work on display here still won’t be enough to appease some of the die-hard Porsche fanatics, but this would be an excellent way to turn some heads at your next local Porsche meet.