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These 10 perfect Ferrari 296 GTBs are for sale. Which would you pick?

Of all the impressive supercars that have rolled out of Maranello lately, the 296 GTB is our favourites from Ferrari. We’ve gathered 10 stand-out examples that are currently listed on the Classic Driver Market to help our case.

Its styling is pronounced, but not overpowering. Its technology is intuitive, but not overbearing. Its power is ludicrous, yet somehow refined and controllable. There really isn’t a lot the 296 GTB can’t do, and is a more than worthy model to continue Ferrari’s iconic GTB name. It’s a car of firsts, the first Ferrari fitted with a V6 since the 1970s, with the shortest wheelbase of any Ferrari Berlinetta since the 360 Modena, giving it agility unlike any other modern-era supercar. Sure, the SF90 might have more power at your disposal, but the 296’s 819 horsepower isn’t exactly short-changing anyone, boasting more horsepower than two 360 Modena V8s combined. 

When it comes to styling, the 296 GTB is a fantastic looking machine. It’s a car that conveys nods to Ferrari’s historical icons, the narrow windscreen and 250 LM-inspired side vents ensure this relatively compact supercar makes its presence known. With thousands of colour combinations on offer from the Atelier, including a £25,000 Assetto Fiorano pack available, there are plenty to choose from within the Classic Driver Market!


Here are ten of our favourite examples from the Classic Driver Market: