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Bridging the Gap Zoom conference

On Sunday, 16th April 2023, the Nigerian Youth Parliament in partnership with Aspire Institute organized a Zoom conference with the theme “Bridging the Gap: Exploring Global Opportunities for Nigerian Youth”. The event was a huge success with the participation of young Nigerians from different parts of the country. MC of event: Anushka Shrestha – Unilever Ambassador
The event started with a welcome address from the host; Hon. Kikiowo Ayoade, the Chairman of the Committee on Communication and Information of the Nigerian Youth Parliament. Hon. Ayoade welcomed all the participants and expressed his gratitude to God and the Aspire Institute for their partnership in organizing the event. He set the tone for the conference by highlighting the importance of bridging the gap between Nigerian youth and global opportunities, and emphasized the need for young people to be proactive in pursuing their dreams and aspirations. The Aspire Institute Alumni Ambassador – Ademiku ADELEYE (Nigeria) also acknowledged the Nigeria Youth Parliament for the collaboration. He also further recognized the Aspire Team – Jenna Maurer (Communication and Outreach Manager), and other Aspire Alumni Ambassadors present.
The first speaker was the CEO of BeMORE Global Consulting and the Co-Founder/Executive Director of MORE Global Foundation; Mr. Musa Olutunji, who spoke on “Bridging Gaps of Global Opportunities”. He shared his personal experience on how he has been able to leverage global opportunities to achieve his goals. He also spoke on the importance of having a global mindset and the need for young Nigerians to position themselves for opportunities.
During the event, the Speaker of the Nigerian Youth Parliament, Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Azeezat Yishawu, emphasized the importance of Nigerian youth being proactive in volunteering and applying for available opportunities. She stressed that this is a crucial step in achieving personal and national development.
The Speaker also highlighted the commitment of the Nigerian Youth Parliament in providing continuous support and guidance to young people. She assured the participants that the Nigerian Youth Parliament will continue to dig for more opportunities and share them with the Nigerian youth and encouraged participants to stay connected with the Nigerian Youth Parliament and follow them on social media platforms for more opportunities update. This is to ensure that young people are well-informed about opportunities within and outside the country, and they can take advantage of them to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

The next speaker was the Aspire Institute Alumni Ambassador – Xochitl Gonzalez (Mexico) who shared about the fully funded opportunity within their institutes (Aspire Leaders Program) and how Nigerian can leverage this opportunity. She highlighted the opportunities available to young Nigerians, ranging from community action award grant up to $10,000 to having free access to learn from top world University Professors.
Jenna, Aspire Team and Ademiku responded to the questions and answer regarding the Aspire fully funded program, sharing more on the application and insights on how young Nigerians can explore these opportunities.
Participants were actively engaged in the conference, asking questions and showing gratitude to the organizers for putting it together. The event was a great success, and we hope that the participants were able to gain valuable insights and information on how to take advantage of global opportunities.
In conclusion, the conference has highlighted the importance of bridging the gap between Nigerian youth and global opportunities. We encourage young Nigerians to be proactive in pursuing their dreams and aspirations, and to take advantage of the resources and support available to them.

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